The Soil Celebration Continues – Workshops with Germund Sellgren

The Soil Celebration Continues – Workshops with Germund Sellgren

Above: Erika, one of the participant at Bäckedal Folkhögskola, 19 June 2021.

During the Soil Celebration in April, we visited urban gardeners and soil stewards to talk about living soils and sustainable relationships. They showed what climate action and social commitment could look like in practice, if one acts locally with a planetary awareness. The motivator was not only home-grown food or a beautiful garden, but biodiversity, a concern for future generations, convivial modes of co-existence and better ways of living together with not only human but more-than-human others. We could call it quality of life through sustainable transition. The community gardens, and the gardeners’ skills, know-how, and socioecological commitments constitute a living lab offering much inspiration. They are a force to be reckoned with. Ecce humus (see the earth)!

Soil and storytelling workshops

After the first Soil Celebration, Germund Sellgren, who is part of the Humus Economicus Collaboratory, has continued to host workshops to celebrate soil and share soil stories and memories. Glimpses from these will be posted under the category Soil Stories.

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