Soils Stories Workshop, 19 June

This time we were fourteen participants who gathered in Gökhem, Västergötland, during a regional course meeting for the year-long education Regenerative agriculture and holistic management at Bäckedal Folkhögskola. The course focuses on the interaction between people and nature and how viable ecosystems and increased biodiversity […]

Soil Stories Workshop, 28 May

Seven participants gathered for a study visit to two places, first Vackstanäs gymnasium a few kilometers outside Södertälje, where, among other things, horticulturist training is offered, and second at the community-supported agriculture (CSA) Under tallarna in Järna. For four hours we talked about different forms […]

Between Earthworms and Satellites

For Sentinel-1, a satellite pair orbiting planet Earth to meticulously and regularly scan its surface, my allotment garden covers four pixels, almost. The pixels have a resolution of 10 x 10 meters. The essential thing about these pixels is that they are not sealed with […]