‘Below Ground with the Podcast Arwidsson Talks

Arwidsson Talks, a podcast focusing on sustainable urban development, got interested in Humus economicus’ concept ”soil blindness” and invited Malin Lobell and Jenny Lindblad from the research team for a conversation on soils in the city. The podcast is in Swedish and can be listened […]

Between Earthworms and Satellites

For Sentinel-1, a satellite pair orbiting planet Earth to meticulously and regularly scan its surface, my allotment garden covers four pixels, almost. The pixels have a resolution of 10 x 10 meters. The essential thing about these pixels is that they are not sealed with […]

Welcome! Launching a four-year art and research project

Humus economicus is an art and research initiative that investigate the future and value of soil in urbanised landscapes. It is initiated by artist and environmental humanities researcher Janna Holmstedt, National Historical Museums, Sweden. The project mobilizes a team of artists, environmental-, urban-, gender-, and […]