Event: Climate Talks at Goethe Institute – The Hyperlocal and the Planetary

Event: Climate Talks at Goethe Institute – The Hyperlocal and the Planetary

The participants of the ‘Climate Talks’ will explore how we tell stories about the world in view of climate change: Which narratives allow us to gather strength to do what is necessary? The conversations will revolve around the climate as an emotional, holistic, and artistic narrative. Janna Holmstedt, PI of Humus economicus, is part of the panel Climate as Holistic Narrative, with a talk on soil cities and situated storying: The Hyperlocal and the Planetary, Finding the Knotted Sites.

Climate Talks is part of the project ‘Weather Glass or Crystal Ball? Mapping the Weather in Arts and Science’ are looking at how weather and climate are experienced and how we communicate about them. It is an interdisciplinary research project – a collaboration between Goethe Institute Stockholm and LABLAB – taking place between Glasgow, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm from autumn 2020 through to December 2021.

Welcome to this hybrid event, September 22, at 10:00-16:15 (CET).
Address: Goethe-Institut Schweden, Bryggargatan 12 A, Stockholm.

Some of the speakers at the Climate Talks. Collage: Goethe Institute

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Program overview

10.00 – 10.25 Welcome and introductions
Jutta Gehrig, Director of Goethe-Institut Schweden
Hans-Georg Thönges, Director of Goethe-Institut Glasgow
Svante Helmbaek Tirén, moderator
10.25 – 11.30 Climate as an emotional narrative
Anke Fischer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala: Emotions in ambivalence and conflict within and between us
Kata Nylén, psychologist, author and co-founder of “Klimatpsykologerna” (psychologists with a focus on climate issues): Climate narratives from a psychological perspective
Stefanie Wenner, Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden: The human being – a cultural being outside nature?
11:45 – 13:00 Climate as a holistic narrative
Moa Sandström, Umeå University: We Speak Earth – human/nature reciprocity and consent in Sámi artivismFriedrich von Borries, University of Hamburg: School of No Consequences
Isabel Löfgren, Södertörn University: Narratives to Postpone the End of the World
Janna Holmstedt, National Historical Museums Sweden: The Hyperlocal and the Planetary, Finding the Knotted Sites
14:00 – 15:30 Climate as an artistic narrative
Leonie Licht, University of Applied Arts, Vienna: Art is science, or how else should we depict the weather?!
Daniel Urey, LABLAB think tank, Stockholm: Cloud cloud
Andres Veiel, film director: Ecocide
Jens Evaldsson, Rut Karin Zettergren, Finn Arschavir,
Artist team of the project: When fungi speak about the weather…..
15:30 – 16:00 Alison Scott, artist and writer, Glasgow, Performative lecture: Can we talk about the weather?
16:00 – 16:15 Summing up

Full program and presentation of the speakers