Happy New Composting Year 2022!

(P)Art of the Biomass and the Humus economicus research team wish you all a happy new year! Let’s together compost not only organic matter but concepts and imaginaries for better soil futures. Compost is HOT! as Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens said.

Soils Stories Workshop, 19 June

This time we were fourteen participants who gathered in Gökhem, Västergötland, during a regional course meeting for the year-long education Regenerative agriculture and holistic management at Bäckedal Folkhögskola. The course focuses on the interaction between people and nature and how viable ecosystems and increased biodiversity […]

Soil Stories Workshop, 28 May

Seven participants gathered for a study visit to two places, first Vackstanäs gymnasium a few kilometers outside Södertälje, where, among other things, horticulturist training is offered, and second at the community-supported agriculture (CSA) Under tallarna in Järna. For four hours we talked about different forms […]