Happy New Composting Year 2022!

(P)Art of the Biomass and the Humus economicus research team wish you all a happy new year! Let’s together compost not only organic matter but concepts and imaginaries for better soil futures. Compost is HOT! as Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens said.

Seminar: Ecological Economics, Soil Care, and Homemaking in Times of Transition. Humus Economicus Collaboratory with Thomas Hahn, Åsa Ståhl & Mathilda Tham

Humus Economicus Collaboratory, in association with The Posthumanities Hub, are happy to invite you to a seminar with Thomas Hahn, Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Åsa Ståhl & Mathilda Tham, Linneaus University, Sweden. WHEN: Friday 10 September, 10:15-12:00 CEST WHERE: Zoom (a link will be sent […]